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Congratulations to GCE Team Member of the Quarter Shawn!

Team Member of the Quarter Shawn (left) and Dwight Davis, president of GCE (right)
Team Member of the Quarter Shawn (left) and Dwight Davis, president of GCE (right)

Shawn Reeves, Grounds Landscaper on the Lakeview Center main campus in downtown Pensacola has been named Team Member of the Quarter for Global Connections to Employment!

Shawn demonstrates compassion on a daily basis. His simple acts of kindness and generosity are well-known by his team members, who have witnessed his interactions, whether offering food, spare change, words of encouragement, or, in some cases, even the jacket off his back. He is always willing and ready to help provide what may be needed at any given moment.

Shawn’s commitment to helping others goes beyond his immediate duties. Whether it’s sharing food with a neighbor, offering a listening ear, or assisting someone in need, Shawn doesn’t hesitate to step in and lend a hand. His positive and caring attitude has a profound impact not only on his team members but also on the local community.

Peggy Goodenberger, who nominated Shawn for this award, notes, “His positive and caring attitude is not only felt by his team members but in his local community too. Shawn inspires and motivates and is very deserving of this award.”

Shawn’s dedication to his work and his genuine care for those around him make him a standout member of the team. His ability to uplift and support others creates a positive and inclusive environment that embodies the spirit of Global Connections to Employment. He is admired not only for his work ethic but also for his unwavering kindness and generosity.

Thank you, Shawn, for demonstrating GCE’s mission, vision, and values. His hard work, compassion, and positive attitude make a significant difference in the organization and community.