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Medical Professional of the Year

dr. annie cherian
Annie Cherian, psychiatrist at Lakeview Center

Pensacola, Fla. (August 18, 2022) – The Florida Behavioral Health Association Medical Professional of the Year is psychiatrist Annie Cherian, M.D. The selection was unanimous based on Annie’s deep commitment to improving the lives of people in Northwest Florida.

A medical professional with a long history

Dr. Cherian is a Doctor of Medicine with a specialization in psychiatry. Furthermore, she has worked for 43 years to help people with mental health issues. In college, Annie was drawn to pathology, obstetrics or dermatology, but when she took a psychology class, she changed her path. “I like people. Although I may not say much, I’m a people person. I study, listen and learn from them. We all have the same difficulties. Psychiatrists aren’t superior or anything. That’s when I knew that helping people is my niche.”

The Florida Behavioral Health Association Medical Professional of the Year is passionate about her work. Over the years, Annie has overseen approximately 200 inpatient beds at three facilities. Units were in a community hospital psychiatric unit, an acute stabilization unit and a state mental hospital. Additionally, Annie served as medical director. She guided a team of more than 30 psychiatric medical staff including physicians and mid-level practitioners.

“If ever a person has a gift for psychiatry, it is Dr. Cherian,” said Shawn Salamida, president, Lakeview Center Behavioral Health Services. “She has shaped the tone of interventions within our organization and our community, laid the foundation for our culture and improved countless lives.”

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