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REGYMEN Fitness supports Lakeview Center residential facilities

REGYMEN Pensacola
REGYMEN Pensacola owner Leah Seacrest (left) and Team Director/Head Coach Jenn Jordan (right) with Lakeview Center Marketing Director Kelsi Gulig (center)

Pensacola, Fla. (Nov. 13, 2023) – REGYMEN Fitness supports Lakeview Center residential facilities. For instance, the giving spirit was in full swing on November 4. The staff collected 50 sheet sets through their Gives Back event.

To accomplish their goal, the gym offered a free class to the public. The registration fee was a twin set of sheets. The linens will be useful to Lakeview’s residential facilities serving children and adults who have mental health and substance misuse issues.

“We set a goal, a vision of strength not only in fitness but also community spirit. What a heartwarming sight it was to see that vision come to life,” said Leah Seacrest, REGYMEN Pensacola owner. “With each donation we can provide comfort and care to those who need it most. Our REGYMEN Gives Back event was not just a success, it was a testament to the generosity and compassion of our members.”

Conversly, Shawn Salamida, Lakeview Center president, was thankful and moved by the donations. “We are grateful for community partners like REGYMEN Pensacola, who look for ways to help those in need,” said Salamida. “This contribution will go a long way in supporting children, teens, and adults seeking care at Lakeview Center residential facilities. This special touch will make their stay more comfortable.”

Making an impact

Most important, REGYMEN Fitness supports Lakeview Center residential facilities which ensures an option for that next level of care beyond outpatient counseling or community-based services. Lakeview Center offers a variety of residential settings. In these environments, specialized caregivers provide individualized treatment plans in a less restrictive community setting allowing for greater levels of responsibility and independence.

Lakeview Center is an affiliate of LifeView Group and is responsible to providing behavioral health services in more than 60 programs and services. Read about our impact in fiscal year 2022. For more information on how to support programs like this, visit